British Porcelain Sauceboats of the 18th Century

By Nicholas Panes                                            

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The Book:  A unique guide to antique porcelain sauceboats for collectors, auctioneers, and dealers.

"Today’s collector has books on almost everything, on most factories and on many types of ware and ceramic objects. There was, however, one great and important gap, one of our porcelain makers’ specialities - sauceboats. That gap has now been filled."   Geoffrey Godden






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The Author

Nicholas Panes is a chartered accountant who has been employed for the last few years as a consultant  working on central government reorganisations and public private partnerships. He is an enthusiastic  ceramic collector and researcher, and has served on the Committees of the English Ceramic Circle and the Morley College Ceramic Circle, publishing papers and presenting lectures on various topics including sauceboats, ceramic references in 18th century Court cases, American 18th C porcelain, and the London china trade.